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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  May 9, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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late word tonight that arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver are separating after 25 years of marriage. >> a break up in one of the nation's star-profile marriages. hours ago, arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver announced they are separating. they said this is a time of
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personal and professional transition and they ask for compassion and respect from the media and public. she moved out of the family's brentwood mansion several weeks ago. they have four children. their relationship has withstood scrutiny over the years. back in 2003 when schwarzenegger was running for office she defended him against allegations he groped a number of women. the couple said after a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion, and prayer we came to this decision together. at this time we are living apart while we work on the future of our relationship. we'll have more at 10:30 including stunned reaction from people here in the bay area. budget cuts grounded it two years ago. but starting now, the oakland police helicopter is cleared to fly again. only on 2, heather holmes is live at police headquarters where she has been told that
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one helicopter can do the job of ten officers. heather? >> reporter: it is unmatched in its ability to respond to suspect pursuits, riots, missing persons reports. an officer in a patrol car does not have the same speed, durability and ma moveibilty as a helicopter. >> reporter: the helicopter has been in the hangar since july of 2009. but now the police chief ordered the chop tore return to the science a limited basis. allocating $60,000 of the budget to cover the cost of flight the helicopter one day a week for four hours during peak service times. the commander welcomes the order as the department prepares for the possibility of a summer crime spike with fewer officers on the streets. >> the officers in vehicle pursuits. they can back away and the helicopter can take over,
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chasing suspects on foot into yards is dangerous. the helicopter can assist with that and pinpoint the person's exact location. >> reporter: the chief pilot credits the helicopter with capturing thousands of criminals over the years. >> anything from your burglar to your auto thief, your robber, your murderer. >> it crashed into this yard right here. >> reporter: the last time this resident saw the police helicopter at work is when suspects crashed a stolen vehicle in his neighborhood, a vitale tool that he says will help. >> i think it will reduce the crime around here. >> reporter: now the helicopter used to fly 1200 hours a year at a cost of $1 million. under this new plan it will fly 200 hours starting now until next march. reporting live tonight here at police headquarters in oakland i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. teachers from the bay area and across the state all
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rallied in the state capitol today in support of extending taxes to fund education. their noisy protests led to arrests. 65 futurers and students were taken away in handcuffs. the teachers say that the teachers need the taxes to be extended to prevent cuts in education. it is just the first in events that the teachers have planned. the san francisco teachers said their job in the classroom is getting harder every day. one teacher said they can't afford pencils. the superintendent said that the financial situation is the worst he has seen in 36 years and predicts that next year california will be last in the country when it comes to per- pupil spending. the university of california is considering whether to create a flex tuition plan for its system. attending a flagship school like u.k. berkeley or ucla would cost
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more than attending classes at riverside or merced. uc officials have not endorsed the plan but exploring ways to increase revenue. they bumped up tuition for the next year to $11,000. there is new information tonight about a security incident on board a jetliner bound for san francisco. the man who tried to storm the cockpit is due in court tonight. debora villalon spoke to a passenger on the flight and -- and is live with his story. >> reporter: he was one of 160 people on that american airlines flight that comes in from chicago every night about now. and last night anything but normal. was kind of fidgety and was mumbling right before it happened in arabic. >> reporter: this midwest businessman shares his story but not his name. he saw the suspect charge the aisle and ram the cockpit.
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heard the shouts as the man was subdued. >> you could see the scuffle and several passengers from the back came up to help. >> reporter: rageh almurisi with a california i.d. and a yelmny passport spent the end of the flight in first class cuffed. >> he was shouting arabic terms and he was shouting allah. >> reporter: and the pilot got his jet down as fast as possible. >> american 1561 we're going to need priority handling on our arrival have a passenger conflict here. >> land as soon adds possible at san francisco. >> no one was overly panicky. >> reporter: there were tears and trembling afterwards. the suspect may be more mentally ill than malicious but who can tell at 26,000 feet. >> i don't care what his problem is.
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either way i don't know what his motives are once he gets through that door. >> reporter: this frequent flier feels good so many people sprang into action. >> post 9/11 there is that, hey, we're all in this together. >> reporter: and another sign of the times, flight attendants had to struggle to keep people in their seats afterwards because everyone wanted to take pictures of the guy with their camera phones. debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now almurisi is in federal custody this evening. we obtained the criminal complaint against him. it contains one charge of interfering with flight crew members. he is due in court tomorrow and faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. we have the criminal complaint and all of our coverage on the bay area news tab. he lived in vallejo a year ago. and a family member tells us about him and his demeanor
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later. security measures implemented after 9/11 is designed to keep everyone expect the flight crew out of the cockpit. today we looked at a cockpit of a 747 in a museum. a retired pilot says that the doors have security features. >> they are much heavier and reinforced with kevlar as you mentioned. they have an electronic lock on them. you can't just unlock them with a key. >> he noted in the pre-9/11 days one key fit all the locks on the doors of boeing aircraft. pakistan's prime minister is denying suggestions that his country helped osama bin laden hide out for as long as five years. he said that the failure to track bin ladin was a failure of all intelligence services around the world. he also had a message to the u.s. do not try anything like
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that again and he delivered that message in english. >> let no one draw any wrong conclusions. any attack against pakistan [ inaudible ] will find a matching response. >> bin ladin's compound was near pakistan's military bases, but the prime minister insists that pakistani military and intelligence services were not in cahoots with al-qaeda. the young wife of osama bin laden and two other wives may soon be interrogated by the united states. the white house said they could provide information about bin ladin's life in hiding. pakistan has given the okay. the three wives are in pakistani custody. from the season to the celebrity republicans are contemplating a run in the 2012 race. one candidate plans to announce this week. and he is no stranger to politics.
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>> reporter: newt gingrich tweeted his plans to announce his run for president on wednesday. the field of potential candidates is wide open and the front runner is unclear. >> i think we have a great pool of candidates, all qualified, a lot of them governors, newt gingrich a lot of people called him the smartest man in politics. >> reporter: bill whalen says that that he is not the fresh face they are looking for. >> it is like pressing the '90s channel on your radio. >> reporter: he says other likely contenders range from myth romney and mike huckaby to new players and what some consider the long shots, donald trump and sarah palin. each debating an uphill challenge against a incumbent president with a foreign policy victory. >> he missed the boat on the economy. >> i think the problem the republicans have is they are
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not united and they have this tea party faction and this social conservative wing and they are not sure what they want to prioritize right now. >> reporter: when the president making the rounds in the bay area, the republicans will be quick to do the same. >> reporter: expect the field to narrow this summer with new hampshire's debate in june and the iowa straw poll in august. plenty of sunshine today. temperatures on the increase tomorrow. i'll show you which cities will be the warmest. homes, businesses and a lot more under water. the little bit of good news emerging from the mississippi flood zone. bart trains are
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the water of memphis, tennessee is spared the worst of the flooding of the mississippi river. the riverside road is flooded but the musical landmarks and graceland are safe. the levies are holding. the mighty mississippi rose to levels not seen in tennessee since the 1930s. homes and businesses are awash in muddy water. and hundreds of people have been evacuated. officials warn the flooding will last for weeks. >> and it is going to be a nasty one. it's going to be an expensive one and there are going to be
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dangerous environments to deal with. >> north of new orleans, the u.s. army corps of engineers opened a spillway to keep the flood water from reaching the city and the water should be kept off the level y there is word that gas prices could be coming down $0.50 in the next few months. the current average price of a gallon of unleaded gas in san francisco is $4.32. a month ago, it was $4.19. and a year ago at this time, the price was $3.23. bart is seeing a surge in riders as higher gas prices push some commuters to find other ways to get to work. and ktvu's ken wayne live in oakland where bart officials are asking riders to be courteous on the crowded trains. >> reporter: the last time the ridership was this high was in 2008 and that is when the gas prices were more than $4 a gallon. i add a slowly rebounding economy and more people
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working, and the bart trains are getting crowded. this was the scene at the evening commute, every seat taken and people standing in the aisle. >> i was on the train at 6:00, 6:30 and it was superpacked with people and i couldn't understand why it was so packed and i think the reason is probably because of the gas prices. >> reporter: there are about 350,000 riders on the trains every weekday. >> we're seeing a steady increase in ridership. we have had some of our highest days in the last couple months here. >> reporter: that means riders are getting squeezed. >> the one before this is really jam packed. so this is -- to me the one to ride. >> this is the easy ride? >> yes, yes it is. >> reporter: while 350,000 riders is a lot it saw 500,000 riders when the giants won the world series. as trains fill up bart is
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asking for help. >> we have the capacity to carry more people. the passengers on the trains are part of the solution by stepping away from doors and just being courteous to the passengers. >> reporter: officials and passengers say despite the heavier loads people have been civic for the most part. >> there are several pregnant ladies no one gets up to give them seats which is scandalous. >> that is rude. >> reporter: the arrival of three-door car replacing the two-door cars will ease train loading but those new cars won't be in service for at least another five years. live at the west oakland bart station, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. so imagine paying $16 a week in gas to commute from san jose to mountainview that is what josh harvey pays after dumping his car in favor nor a motorcycle. industry analysts say that motorcycle sales have jumped 7% since january and scooter sales
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are up 50%. new information is emerging about accused serial killer joseph naso who is awaiting trial in marin county. we first got a look at him last month. investigators searched his home in reno and found more than 4,000 photographs of women with little or no clothes on. some were posed to look lifeless or in bondage. he has not yet entered a plea. we now know the names of the victims in a double homicide in san jose this weekend. antonio velasco and another man were at a house party sitting in a garage with a door open. and just before 5:00 a.m. on saturday, the gunman walked up to them, opened fire and took off on foot. a 17-year-old boy was also wounded in that shooting but is expected to survive. and we are learning more about a double-murder-suicide
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that took place at this fairfield home on saturday. a disbutte put between former lovers that were business partners led to the shooting. jason eisenberg killed his ex- girlfriend brittany quynh and his roommate before killing himself. another man who lived in the home was also shot but survived. eisenberg and quynh broke up two years ago and were fighting over money. the day before the shooting she served him with notice that she was filing a civil lawsuit against him. relearning more about the man who tried to storm the cockpit of the american airline's flight to san francisco yesterday. we talked to the cousin of rageh almurisi who says he is a good man. >> reporter: rageh worshiped in this center and lived in this house. his cousin still lives here and says his cousin was a math teacher in yemen and came here
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looking to support his wife and children. >> he came to here. of course he came here to feed the family because you know, he used to be -- he used to do [ inaudible ] there. he [ inaudible ] he's not [ inaudible ] he come to here. >> reporter: almurisi said his cousin looked for a job in the bay area but couldn't find enough work and moved to new york last year. he says that rageh is a good man but strong-willed. >> when we do arguments he likes to do arguments and he likes to win the arguments. >> reporter: but he says that doesn't make him a criminal. >> he is not terrorist. >> reporter: he says he doesn't have details about last night's incident but suspects it may have come down to a language barrier. >> maybe they misunderstand him. >> reporter: he said that he has not been in contact with rageh for some time and learning he was the man that caused the disturbance last night is the fist he heard of
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his 'cause man months. new york senator chuck schumer proposed a no-ride list for train passengers similar to the one for air travelers. a possible plot against trains for the tenth anniversary of 9/11 was discovered at bin ladin's compound. amtrak said it would have to respect passenger civil liberties and not slow train travel. it is slightly warmer today. going to oakland, 56 degrees. winds gusting to near about 8 miles per hour. the winds are west northwest at 5 right now. it will be cool overnight. 51 in napa. the forecast overnight lows in the mid-40s in the cool spots. 47 in livermore and 47 in free month. when you wake up these will feel cool for your tuesday. as we go through the day tomorrow though look for things to begin to warm up. the temperatures come up a few
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degrees. tomorrow's highs in the mid- 70s. sunny and warmer tomorrow. the big weather story is what we are looking at the potential for a wet bay area weekend. i'll talk about that when we come back. we'll see you at 10:45. danville police are looking for an atm machine stoling from a costco store. two thieves used a stolen truck to small into the doors yesterday. police have surveillance video of the heist but they are not saying how much cash was in that atm new hope in the fight against cancer. >> star wars like technology to cure cancer. a breakthrough is still ahead.
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pg&e is reporting no problems after their pressure test of the pipeline in mountainview. consumer editor tom vacar shows us how the hydrostatic test is done. >> reporter: pg&e is filling this mile and a half long 24- inch pipe. >> just a small additional amount of water will increase pressure in the pipe to the level we want
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our planes start flying when it's dark.
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and they don't stop flying until it's dark again. flying all day, every day. you deserve our best.
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that's why there's so many flight options. [ webber ] southwest airlines has seven daily nonstop flights from the bay area to chicago midway to fit your schedule. ♪ hey, we're on your schedule, not ours. there will be another one back here in a second, just watch. what did i tell you -- there's another one. [ ding ]
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you hell most people you have cancer of the eye they say it sounds like a death knell nell. >> but proton beams can kill cancer. >> we can kill the tomber and destroy it 95% of the time or more. >> reporter: proton release energy at a selectable depth. there is no collateral damage and no health risk. much safer than penetrating x- rays. >> just because it treats what we need to treat and not what we don't want it to treat. >> reporter: but the problem is this machine is one of ten in the world. >> bay area scientists just figured out how to turn this basketball court sized machine into something that can fit on a table top and is 90% cheaper and vastly more efficient. >> this could be available to everybody. >> reporter: anthony says a livermore company called cpac
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and he shows us this prototype developed for nuclear weapon testing including this die electric tube and this ultrafast high energy switch. >> awesome. >> reporter: plus a concept. >> so we came up with the idea of what is called a visitor yule traveling wave accelerator. >> reporter: is it a powerful and cheaper cancer killing machine. the company hopes to sell the first machine next year. protons can treat any solid tumor. it is covered by health issue and they are treating eye diseases like macular degeneration with a few brief sessions. >> you're done. >> i'm cured. it's terrific. i can see. it's great. >> reporter: and doctors say a great use of weapons
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technology. health and science editor john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the first person to receive a full face transplant appeared before cameras in boston. dallas wiens, the 25-year-old from texas lost most of his features when he hit a power line while painting a church three years ago. he received a new nose, lips, skin, muscles and nerves from an enormous donor. jaycee dugard's memoir is set to go on sale this july. the title is a stolen life. she was kidnapped in 1991 by philip and nancy garrido and held captive in this -- the back of their home for 18 years. in the book she details her abduction and her thoughts now that she is free. the garridos pleaded guilty to kidnapping and sexual assault charges. they are scheduled to be sentenced in june. the google executive turned
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activist is writing a book. they announced today that revolution 2.0 is set to be published in january. the proceeds will go to a charity to encourage education. an executive said that bids for the publishing rights topped $2 million. the two u.k. berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran are set to go on trial for espionage. the two men and sara shore were detained. shourd was released on bail and refusing to return to iran. iran said she will be tried in absence yeah. an emergency alert text message system is set to launch tonight. the fcc will allow officials to send messages to specific areas. it could be used for hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters. it is caused the personalized
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localized alerting network or plan. some phones may require a software upgrade to get the service. commodity prices rebounded today and stocks followed their lead. the dow rose 45 points. the nasdaq picked up 15. and oil prices moved above $100 a barrel. apple surpassed google as the most valuable brand in the world according to mill ward brown. the value shot up to $153 billion in large due to the ipad. google's value dropped 2%. it held the top spot for four years. two rattlesnake bites in one week in the south bay. the bitten dogs are a warning to pet owners. julie mart season a vet at an animal clinic and says that one dog suffered a bite on saturday and the other was last
12:06 am
thursday. >> this is the first time in eight years that i we have seen any bites let alone multiple bites. >> reporter: cal fire and the scholar are county health department said they issued warnings weeks ago. rattlesnake season from april to october. some pet owners may want to evacuation nate their dogs against the bites. big honors for some oakland students. what one young woman credits for her success. i'm back in less than 10 minutes. temperatures will be warmer
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the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves.
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the mount diablo school board is expected to finalize layoff notices tomorrow for 180 teachers and school employees. and the board president feels terrible. he says it is gut wrenching to take more from students because of budget cuts. the board will have to wait and see what is in the revised may budget to learn if more cuts are necessary. a five-day nurse's strike is scheduled to end with nurses returning to work tomorrow morning at 7:00. the contract expired in july. and the hospital wants the nurses to contribute the -- to their health care premiums. the high-speed rail system is getting funding from the government. $300million is earmarked for the rail line linking los angeles and san francisco. the money is california's share of $2 billion that became available when florida canceled its own high-speed rail project. most of it is going to the
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washington-new york-boston corridor. a woman's car plunged down a cliff off highway 101. she is katie kohler of santa rosa. she pulled into a parking lot yesterday afternoon and when she left she drove straight off the cliff. no one else was in the car. in news of the world tonight in afghanistan nato is calling the taliban's assault on the city of kandahar a failure. they attacked several offices in two days of fighting over the weekend. 25 insurgents were killed along with two members of the afghan security forces and a civilian. the taliban were not able to get in the building. militants were captured. if italy the police and coast guard rescued hundreds of immigrants from libya after their boat crashed last night. all 400 people were saved. but others trying to flee libya have not been as fortunate.
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an overcrowded boat broke apart near tripoli on friday with 600 people on board and many were lost. in cuba the government has made a series of economic reforms official. a list of guidelines went on sale at newsstands. the government will allow cooperatives that would function as companies. the goal is to jump start cuba's ailing economy. a ceremony billed as the largest of its kind in the country just wrapped up. the african-american honor roll recognizes students in grade 8 through 12 who earn a 3.0 grade point average in the first semester. it was started to encourage students in the classroom. one student said that hometown pride is a source of her success. >> i think a lot of people put town oakland public schools
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especially and it is good to show african-american students doing something positive. >> reporter: more than 1,000 students were honored tonight. and dave clark was the emcee for that event. late word tonight of a takeover attempt online. plus... >> can one fire truck handle the job of two? san jose residents
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the wall street journal is reporting that microsoft is close to finalizing a deal to buy skype, the internet telephone service. the skype deal would be the biggest in microsoft's 36-year history. an announcement could come as soon as tomorrow. many of the skype users use the
12:15 am
free phone service. the deal is valued at $8.5 million. the biggest bay area city is facing cuts to a fire department. lloyd lacuesta is live in san jose to tell us how many stations could lose fire trucks. >> reporter: there is good news and bad news when it comes to the san jose fire department and budget cutbacks. there will be no fire station closures but it's stations with two trucks may be subject to rotating brownouts. one state station will have to get by with just one fire truck. there are five fire stations like fire house two with two trucks but that will change. >> you will have one and another piece from another station which could be five, eight miles away are going to come and back fill into that. there is going to be reduced time especially if you have a big incident. >> reporter: the city saves money by not having to pay for five firefighters who would staff that second truck.
12:16 am
but the possibility of delayed response time does not it is well with residents. >> you lose half the fire trucks, it's going to slow down. >> we need more fire truck, you know, because it is a big city. we need more fire truck. >> the budget must be cut. >> reporter: the san jose mayor was at a community budget hearing tonight. city has a $115 million budget shortfall. and the brownout is an effort to close the gap. >> when you have less firefighters and equipment it will affect response times. but we need more firefighters and not less. >> reporter: the san jose city council votes on the budget next month and unless new sources of revenue streams in the brownouts start on july 1st. lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. the navy is preparing to
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allow its chaplains to officiate same-sex marriages on military bases. if they are consistent with the chaplain's beliefs they will be allowed to officiate in states that allow same-sex marriages or unions. the memorandum is designed to update the training guidelines ahead of the repeal of the don't ask, don't tell policy. that bans openly gay members from serving in the military. and supporters of gay rights are applauding the advancement of the state's equal benefits bill that bars the state from contracting work with any business that denies equal benefits to the same-sex spouses of heterosexual employees. it was passed with the bare minimum of votes today and now goes over to the assembly. and it is cool and breezy out there. let's go to storm tracker 2. we'll go right to the live buoys and what you are going to
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see are the wind directions and speeds. it is gusting to near 30 miles per hour. and at the golden gate bridge southwest at 11 and gusting to 15. the winds die down tonight and it will be cold. the highs were warmer than yesterday and tomorrow's highs for tuesday will eclipse these. the numbers tomorrow in the mid- 70s. the temperatures warm up tomorrow and stay in the 70s through the weekend. as we go through the bay area weekend we'll look for cooler temperatures and increasing clouds. today mostly sunny and breezy at times. as we go into tomorrow and wednesday, the high pressure sets up, more sunshine and warmer. not hot just warmer. temperatures into the 70s. mids 60s and right along the coast with patchy fog. and temperatures in the upper 50s. the forecast model we're not looking for rain now but for clouds and perhaps fog. as we go into tomorrow, the fog
12:19 am
shows up around 6:00 in the afternoon, 5:00, 6:00. and the fog parks itself right off the coast. tuesday at 6:00 and then it sticks around and makes a push inland tomorrow night as well. so coastal fog returns. that gives us daytime highs that will be on the mild side right through the week and a cooldown for the end of the week. the forecast high is tomorrow. yellows are 70s and oranges are 80s. this -- the heat's still in the valley. we'll see a lot of 70s for the next few days but the temperatures will be mild. as we head for the weekend, a big dropoff. tomorrow, 75 in vallejo. and 76 in brentwood. cool on if coast. and 70s in the scholar are valley and the take away here the tomorrow is warmer and nicer than today. wednesday, the temperatures drop off a little bit. thursday looks good. but on friday things change
12:20 am
around. that is what i've been talking about. the next system brings clouds. i'll step on this side and could easily develop into a winter-like weather system with snow advisories in the mountains if this goes the way it looks like it could we could be in for a taste of winter. i saw you it is up real straight. i don't want that to happen but the long-range model suggesting that if it does happen you will see snow advisories and cool showery weather for the weekend. but it's monday so we have time. >> snow advisories. >> wow. >> thank you, bill. new research on the san andreas fault reveals what distance faults can do along the fault line. seismologists say far away quakes can trigger slip motion. that occurs deep under ground and they can generate strong shaking but it can slip slowly. drivers of electric
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vehicles will find free charging stations in san francisco. the mayor announced plans to install the stations at city- owned garages and at the airport. lee says that the charging station network will build the local market for electric cars local market for electric cars and reduce pollutio the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves. ♪ ♪ free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide.
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nasa will try on monday to launch the space shuttle endeavour. they plugged in new electrical wiring. endeavour was supposed to make its final flight on april 29th. gabrielle giffords is expected to return to cape canaveral for the launch and her husband the commander. giants were off tonight but the a's had a good night on the road. mark is here to tell us about it. a most appealing victory for the a's. literally. josh willingham suspended a game for bumping an umpire over the weekend. he appeals and are the a's glad he did that. a huge reason he was that they took care of the rangers. 3rd inning and two on.
12:25 am
way gone to left. a three-run hope emmer and one of the fans takes exception to that home run and wastes no time throwing it back. later in the four-run 8th for the a's, a shot to left with a two-run single. five rbis on the night. oakland with seven strong innings from trevor cahill who is 6-0. the first since dave stewart back in 1990. i wouldn't say the sharks are on thin ice but their margin for error has melted a bit. be interesting to see how they respond to one of their most gut-wrenching losses letting a 3-13th period lead get away against the wings and their once 3-0 lead in the series is now 3-2. they are getting a little bit tight. >> trying to get to four wins and any way you do it is, you know, satisfying but we're not there yet.
12:26 am
and so, yeah, we're going into their building. we just played two games there. we know what to expect and we're going to be committed and ready to go. we're not backing down. we still got the lead here. >> the sharks in no mood to look further ahead than tomorrow night but they will know who they will be playing in the finals and it will be the canucks who ko'd nashville. she dean with the back hander and vancouver wins it 2-0. canucks in six victorious. the lakers went down with a thud on sunday. and celtics looking ready to take their bows. we'll have a fresh-look nba final and the heat look like they will be presenting 50% of that show. lebron with the steal. lebron with the jam. 35 points, 14 rebounds. final molts, boston never say die. paul pierce clutch for them as always scores.
12:27 am
they go to overtime. and miami up three putting it away here. james will miss backrush bosch up on the board follows it. he had 20 points and 12 reboundings. and the heat go up 3-1 in the series and going back to miami. grizzlies and thunder go to triple overtime. finally thanks to 40 by westbrook the thunder even up that series two games a piece. and that is a sporting life for monday night. the giants start a series against arizona at at&t tomorrow. >> how about those lakers? >> a bit disgraceful for them and you figure champions can go out with class but not a lot of that in exhibit yesterday as they go out 4-0. we'll just leave it at that. >> we'll put a period on that. >> the laker fans are taking it hard enough as it is.
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the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 in the morning. and our coverage continues onlined at
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